Finishing of sea containers for the needs of Russian Railways in Karelia

Finishing of sea containers for the needs of Russian Railways in Karelia

At the beginning of March 2018, the Modular Solutions Company completed the finishing and warming of 6 40-foot and 6 20-foot sea containers for Russian Railways. Advanced marine containers provide for the finishing of the technical and production premises and are intended for the installation of pumping and water treatment equipment. The walls were made with technical openings for cable entry and entry / exit through water / sewage. All sea containers at the request of the customer were painted in the original colors of Russian Railways. The color scheme of RZD provides for three colors: RAL 3020 red, dark gray RAL 7046 and light gray RAL 7047.

Sea containers were insulated with a quality basalt insulation plate type 100 mm thick. 6 re-equipped sea containers were delivered and installed in different settlements of the river. Karelia: Kem, Sumsky Posad, Idel, Sukkozero, etc. The customer was satisfied with the quality of the products.

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