Water supply units

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Water supply units from 200€ for m2


Видеоролик о нашем производстве

Модульные пункты водоподготовки: водоснабжения, фильтрации, подогрева воды, водоочистки и очистки сточных вод могут понадобиться при организации необходимой инфраструктуры для обслуживания зданий.



Our production company specializes in the implementation of individual and unique projects of modular buildings and block containers, and not just only standard solutions.


Depending on the configuration


  • Transport company in Russia and Europe
  • Pickup


  • Completely autonomous water preparation points for a variety of performance for boiler, pumping and other systems. Configuration and acquisition of points is carried out depending on the purposes of customers. Also, the quality of the source water is taken into account.
  • Organization of water supply points can be implemented in modular structures – technical block containers. This allows you to have a mobile and autonomous water treatment station.

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