Modular Pavilion

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Modular Pavilion from 200 € for m2

Modular trading pavilions are prefabricated structures made of a block of containers of any required size and configuration, assembled in a complex building, in this case - into a pavilion. The standard dimensions of the modules for the pavilions allow them to be easily transported to the installation site.


Our production company specializes in the implementation of individual and unique projects of modular buildings and block containers, and not just only standard solutions.


Depending on the configuration


  • Transport company in Russia and Europe
  • Pickup


Modular commercial pavilions meet all building standards and the needs of the trade sector. Prefabricated pavilions are presentable and attractive to customers.

The construction of trade pavilions comes from block-containers. The total price for a modular pavilion depends on the configuration of the modules. The cost of the block containers themselves can be found here.

The prefabricated trade pavilion optimizes the costs of opening and running a trading business.

We also recommend paying attention to modular shops, kiosks and cash desks.

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This calculator allows you to estimate the costs for the construction of modular buildings based on the overall pricing options

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