Installation of an office modular building

Installation of an office modular building

In September 2017, our company manufactured and installed an office modular building. The two-storey office modular building consists of 8 block-containers with the size of 9,00х2,45х2,59 m. The overall dimensions of the building are 9,68х9,00х6,68 m. The total area of ​​the building is 174 m2. The building has a common gable roof with outlets and a drainage system (gutters and chimneys).


двухэтажное модульное здание


The building is made of block-containers of the MR series and has a standard office finish: the walls of the chipboard, the ceiling of the PVC, the floor of the linoleum. The building has a meeting room on the 2nd floor, made up of their 4 block-containers without partitions and has an area of ​​87 m2.

The building has winter warming, designed for temperatures up to -50 degrees, equipped with all engineering systems: electrical, lighting, heating, water supply and sewerage.

The building is installed on a block foundation, the base is sewn with a profiled sheet.

модульное здание внутри

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