Delivery of a compact toilet module

Delivery of a compact toilet module

On August 9, 2017, a mobile toilet container was manufactured for one large St. Petersburg holding company. The toilet container is executed in a gray-blue color scheme according to the customer’s wishes. The toilet has two toilet cubicles, a washbasin, and is also equipped with all the necessary for a comfortable visit to the toilet options. The layout is shown in the figure. The toilet block-container provides lighting, electric convector heating, a hand dryer, sockets, mirrors, holders for towels and toilet paper, dispensers for soap, etc.

компактный туалетный модуль


The toilet container is connected to the central sewerage and water supply networks and is equipped with a sewage pump, which prevents the formation of clogs in the sewage system of the mobile toilet module.

This product was intended for installation on the customer’s premises (large truck parking, document registration point). The toilet module is designed for a large visitor flow. The visitors are mainly truck drivers.

The toilet module was produced, delivered and installed by our company. The customer was completely satisfied with the quality of the product. Below is the detailed specification of this module and its layout.

планировка модульного туалета

The size of the block-container: 2,14 х 2,43 х 2,59 m.
Steel channel 120х50х3, hot-rolled corner section 80х6 mm.
Strengthening the frame of the container screeds in the walls – 2 pcs., Reinforcement of racks with braces.
Coating color: alkyd coating with zinc phosphate PRIMALKID ZP 488.
The outer skin of the walls of the container is a metal profiled sheet with polymer coloring RAL 5005. With angular decorative shaped elements RAL 9002.
Heat insulation of walls / floor / ceiling – mineral wool “KNAUF” 1000/1000 / 100mm.
Steam insulation: vapor barrier film “Megaizol”.
Interior walls: laminated chipboard (beech), aluminum omega profile.
Internal ceiling height: 2.23 m, external 2.59 m.
Interior finish of the ceiling: white PVC panel.
The reinforced floor design: the bottom is a metal profiled galvanized sheet C-8. The floor slabs are a steel channel 100x50x3 mm with a pitch of 600 mm. Flooring – DSP 16 mm.
Flooring – linoleum, wear-resistant semi-commercial, plinth plastic.
Window: metal-plastic, swivel-folding, single-chamber 0,5х0,5 m. – 1 PC.
Outer door: insulated BMD1 finish MDF
Fixed under a boiler 15L above the sink.
Electrics: shield with automatic devices (installed at the entrance door), wiring 3×2.5 mm2 cable into the cable, 3×1.5 mm2 for lighting. Double socket – 3 pcs. Luminescent double lamp 2x36W – 1 pc., Input socket.
Heating: convector wall 1.5 kW with regulator – 1 pc.
Ventilation: forced. Fan axial Ф100. – 1 PC.
Toilet bowl assembly – 2 pcs.
Toilet cubicle (sanitary partitions with a door) – 2 pcs.
Sink with mixer – 1 pc.
Wiring for hot and cold water: pipes, couplings, contours, ball valves, bends, tees, flexible connectors, adapters, fasteners, etc.
Sewerage: pipes 110/50, siphons, corrugations, couplings, adapters, bends, rims, tees, plugs, fasteners, etc.
Pump sewer – 1 pc.
Sewage and water outlet in one sleeve at a height of 2.2 m

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