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Water treatment container from 4'000 €

The modules for installation of water treatment and water treatment systems are insulated technical block containers of a special construction. They are suitable for the placement of complex systems of water treatment equipment and containers for water of any size (up to 80 m3 per each block-container). By connecting such modules together, you can get a system for storing and purifying water of any volume.


Our production company specializes in the implementation of individual and unique projects of modular buildings and block containers, and not just only standard solutions.


  • The price is for the standard size of the container container is 6.00x2.42x2.59 m.
  • To get the specific cost of a block container or a modular building, contact our managers for a detailed calculation.
  • Base prices for block containers can be found here.


  • Transport company in Russia and Europe
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About our production


Прочтите, пожалуйста, наш материал об отличиях заводской сэндвич-панели от наборной.


  • Fiberglass and PVC water tanks, water metering units, mechanical and sorption filters, pumps, control cabinets and other necessary technical elements are installed in the technical block-containers. In a floor drainage trays are, as a rule, mounted. Also, the technical unit-containers are suitable for the installation of local treatment facilities. Containers can be installed wastewater treatment systems and SPS – sewage pumping stations.
  • With special requirements and operating conditions, the block containers for water treatment equipment are made with additional reinforcements of the frame and skin. Block-containers are also made in the North and Fire (non-combustible) version.
  • At the request of the customer, doors and gates of any size, technological openings and apertures, sleeves, hatches, etc. are installed in containers. Mortgages of any size, as well as various non-standard design solutions are carried out.
  • We produce block containers for water treatment of any dimensions, deliver and install throughout Russia. Our company has extensive experience in the production of technical modules for water purification equipment, so we have a large number of well-developed technical solutions, as well as a large archive of projects and photographic materials on products of this type that may be useful to the customer in negotiating the technical specifications.

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