Fire extinguishing system container

Fire extinguishing system container

In the summer of 2019, we delivered a specialized unit container for installing a fire extinguishing system in Syktyvkar.


  • External walls – sandwich panel, non-combustible materials, floor drain.
  • Lower frame channel 120x50x3 mm
  • Upper frame: profile 185x85x3 special, bent
  • Corner racks: profile 170x150x3 special, bent
  • Ceiling lags: 40×40 pipe
  • Logs of a floor: channel of steel 100х50х3
  • Intermediate racks: pipe 40×40
  • Finishing floor: Painted steel corrugated sheet. The color is gray.
  • Interior Wall Decoration: Sandwich Panel

Our company is engaged in the production of technical block containers of any kind for various technological equipment and purposes.

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