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MN – North containers from 3'800 €

Цена за контейнер 6м from 3'800 € руб.

MN - block containers series North and Arctic (North +) are intended for use in the harshest conditions. North Series Containers can be used in all climatic zones with strong climate. In the conditions of the far north of the Arctic Circle. Specially developed design and pie floor insulation, ceiling and walls allow you to work comfortably, live and hold wintering in mobile modular buildings north into the Arctic and Siberia.



Our production company specializes in the implementation of individual and unique projects of modular buildings and block containers, and not just only standard solutions.


  • The price is for the standard size of the container container is 6.00x2.42x2.59 m.
  • To get the specific cost of a block container or a modular building, contact our managers for a detailed calculation.
  • Base prices for block containers can be found here.


  • Transport company in Russia and Europe
  • Pickup
About our production Finishing

Please read our material about the differences between the factory sandwich panel and the typeset panel.


  • Containers North and the Arctic are strengthened constructive and are designed for high loads. The walls, roof and floor boil solid sheet metal up to 3 mm thick and allow dragging from place to place (the rocks, stumps and other irregularities).
    To save energy and heat using energy-saving triple-glazed windows with a special coating. Technology of production of MN series flow of containers allows you to completely avoid cold bridges and freezing.
  • Containers for use in winter conditions are supplied with different types of heaters: electric convector heater, hot-water heating radiators, boilers of all types of stoves. Can heat any type of fuel: gas, diesel, gasoline, coal, firewood, briquettes, and so on.
  • Module buildings (block-containers) suitable for winter operation and organization shift settlements, residences and industrial buildings in the gas and oil fields, drilling platforms, mining and concentrating combine (GOK), quarries, in harvesting, exploration, in the sparsely populated, remote, hard to reach areas when working in shifts. Containers for use in the north can be mounted on a sled with runners equipped or drawbar. Regions in which it is recommended to use a block-containers series North and the Arctic Yamalo-Nenets, Khanty-Mansiysk District Yugra, Yamal Peninsula, Taimyr Peninsula, the Krasnoyarsk Territory, the Republic of Yakutia (Sakha), Komi, Karelia, Murmansk, Arkhangelsk, Tyumen region, Surgut , Naryan-Mar, Kogalym, Nefteyugansk, Noyabrsk, Novy Urengoy, Labytnangi, Salekhard, Sabbeta, Khanty-Mansiysk, Nizhnevartovsk, Ukhta, Norilsk, and so on. e. transport the modules can both road and w / d as well as marine and by river.
  • Production time block container MN North and the Arctic takes 7 days. When ordering a large number of wagons (units), production speed fully stocked block container is increased to 2-3 days at 1 block container.
  • NORTH series modules and ARCTIC produces 1 or 2 floors, equipped with collapsible metal stairs, handrails, porch awning.
  • For mobile buildings in the northern solution necessarily organize fundament. Base can serve these types of inexpensive foundation, as concrete blocks FBS, building piles or road plates. In more complex situations (swampy, permafrost, unstable ground), we recommend the installation of cabins (residential block modules) on screw piles with end walls and strapping.
  • Not required documentation and project design do not need a building permit, there is no need to pass the reconciliation process. Buildings for cold climatic regions block container type, in accordance with the documentation is temporary buildings.
  • Block modules produces all sizes from 1.75 x 1.75 m. To 13.4 x 3.4 m. And a height of 3.2 m. The best, most ergonomic size MN NORTH series unit has a size of 6.00 x 3, 00 x 2.59 m. or 12,00 x 3,00 x 2,59 m.
  • North Block containers  produces for any project and have a different layout: standard or non-standard, any appropriate design of the customer. Windows, doors, finishing materials accessories can be made individually to order.
  • Containers MN NORTH unit equipped with various furniture: beds (.. incl metal army bunk with pillows, mattresses and CPB), lockers, wardrobes, tables, chairs. The same in blocks MN set any plumbing, ventilation and equipment. Block containers are connected to the water-system powered by self-contained tanks (from 200 to 10,000 liters) and sewage (septic tank), electricians, lighting.

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