MT – Technological containers

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MT – Technological containers from 3'000 €


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MT - series TECHNO - unit containers for installation of various technological equipment: machine tools, presses, compressors, pumps, generators (DSU). Suitable for placement of electrical and thermal equipment. It can be used as a water treatment plant, boiler rooms, laboratories, mobile shops, workshops, warehouses, production of small size.



Our production company specializes in the implementation of individual and unique projects of modular buildings and block containers, and not just only standard solutions.


Depending on the configuration


  • Transport company in Russia and Europe
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Finishing technology building block-container type MT TECHNO it is made of non-combustible materials. Gender – corrugated steel sheet 4 mm. Laghi – metal channel. Walls – the sandwich panel with nonflammable basalt filler. Fire dvuhlistovye door. Block containers can fit any class of constructive fire danger. The degree of fire resistance from C0 to C3.

Block boxes series TECHNO may have ground loops (copper strip, steel), technological openings and holes of different shapes, cable glands (entrance groups cartridges), technological hatches in the floor and roof, pristupki and stairs for access to equipment and maintenance facilities. Block-containers can be equipped with hoists, cranes, sinks, shelves, lockers, workbenches, laboratory furniture, and so on. D.

By TK technical unit containers can be made earthquake-resistant design, equipped with explosion-proof equipment.

Process block containers are completed in accordance with the terms of reference with heating, air conditioning and ventilation, power supply primary and secondary (emergency), fire and burglar alarm system, alarm, autonomous fire-extinguishing system: sprinkler (water), gas, powder (autonomous units).

Block containers MT can be of any plan: both standard and fit any design of the customer. Windows, doors, finishing materials accessories can be made to order.

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