Technical container for installation of electrical equipment

Technical container for installation of electrical equipment

In June 2017, Modular Solutions in St. Petersburg produced an electrical block container for a company engaged in the production of industrial and analytical equipment (stationary automated air pollution control station). The module is intended for installation of specialized control cabinets and monitoring equipment for which the frame of the mobile building has been reinforced, and special metal mortises have been welded into the frame construction for fixing the cabinets to the walls. In the same way, special studs with external threads were welded into the steel lags of the floor of the block-module with an accuracy of up to 1 millimeter, to secure the electrical cabinets to the floor.



The container for electrical equipment has a reinforced frame. Frames are made of a steel profile of 185 mm, struts of a corner profile of 170 mm, reinforcements from a profile pipe. The technical block container provides a grounding strip for all equipment. In the block-container there are cable trays fixed to the ceiling for the orderly laying of cables and tires.


The technical container is equipped with air conditioning, ventilation and heating systems. From the additional equipment in the technological block-container special welded holders for gas cylinders, also manufactured by our company LLC Modular Solutions, folding table tops for installing computers and laptops, are installed for convenient work of specialists.

The container is entirely made of non-combustible materials.



Specification of the electrical block-container (mobile building):

The size of the block-container: 3,50 х 2,47 х 2,80 m.
Frame – steel profile 185h80h3, steel channel 120h50h3,
Stand – bent profile 170h150h3.

Coating color: alkyd coating with zinc phosphate PRIMALKID ZP 488.
Walls – a sandwich panel basalt 100 mm.
Thermal insulation of floor / ceiling – mineral wool “KNAUF” 100 / 100mm.
Internal ceiling height: 2.43 m, external 2.80 m.
Interior ceiling: painted metal corrugated sheet.
The structure of reinforced floor: the metal bottom of the container (from the bottom it is hemmed with a galvanized sheet C-8), the steel channel bar is 100 with a step of 600.
Floor covering – steel corrugated sheet 3mm dyed.
The external door: “Promet” BMD-2dd / 2 (960h2050mm on the box 900x2000mm on the clearance). Two-leaf (thickness of the sheet is 1.5 mm) c counter-measures. Insulated. Two locks of the II class of stability (cylinder + lever). Two compaction circuits. Polymer color of brown RAL 8017. Eye 180 °.
Container roof: non-rusting roof, covered with two galvanized steel sheets 6.0 x 1.25 m thick 0.5 mm with a double rebate joint along the container and waterproofing. The roof slope is 25 mm.
Electrical: 32A / 400V input board with automatic devices (installed at the entrance door):
A. Q1 Circuit-breaker 3-pole 40A ABB or Legrand

B. QF2 Circuit breaker 25A (single-phase) ABB or Legrand

QF3 Circuit Breaker 20A (single-phase) ABB or Legrand

D. QF4 Circuit breaker 10A (single-phase) ABB or Legrand

D. QF5 Circuit-breaker 10A (single-phase) ABB or Legrand

E. QF6 Circuit breaker 20A (single-phase) ABB or Legrand

Wiring into the cable channel 3×2.5 mm2 to the sockets, 3×1.5 mm2 for lighting. Double sockets – 3 pcs. Luminescent double lamp 2x36W.

MKS External wall socket 32/400/5 wall-mounted 9382 IP67 Mennekes or equivalent

Plug 32/400/5 cable 300 IP67 Mennekes or equivalent.

The assembly board – a plywood not less than 8 mm sheathed by a smooth metal sheet in color of internal furnish. Height from the worktop surface to the ceiling, the width from the door frame to the inside corner of the container.
Aperture technological (cable input) Ф50 – 1 pc.
Folding metal in the floor for fixing the metal cabinet to the floor.
Nut with thread M10 welded into metal fittings for fixing the cabinet to the floor – 4 pcs. The permissible error of installation is no more than 2 mm.
Cable trays for spec. Layout of the internal perimeter of the module h = 2200.
Table of flap wall fasteners, brown-black “Bjursta” IKEA 90х50 – 2 pcs.
Electric convector Thermor Evidence 2 Elec 1500 W wall-mounted with a regulator.
Bracket for outdoor unit of air conditioner (Daikin FTYN50L / RYN50L) without installation.
Protective box for the outdoor unit of the air conditioner (Daikin FTYN50L / RYN50L). Welded, carcass-colored frame, expanded met. sheet, Cover – sheet metal.
Fixed from a metal pipe, welded into the frame of the block-container horizontal – 2 pcs.
Fixed from a metal pipe, welded into the frame of the block-container vertical – 2 pcs. + Cross member – 1 pc.


More information about our containers of the Techno series can be found here.

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