Residential block containers for the construction of the M-18 highway

Residential block containers for the construction of the M-18 highway

In the spring of 2019, our company manufactured residential block containers for the needs of the organization serving the construction of the M-18 Kola highway.

3 residential block containers with furniture and one shower were delivered.

Features of block containers:

Frame: Upper frame channel 120х50х3
Color: blue, RAL 5005
Lower frame: channel 120х50х3
Corner racks: corner profile 90x90x3
Logs of a floor: steel channel 100х50х3
Finishing floor: Wear-resistant linoleum with waterproofing in the sanitary, domestic in residential
Interior wall decoration: chipboard (gray), VLSP (white)


Layout of the residential module:

планировка жилого блок-контейнера

Schematic diagram of the shower block container:

схема душевого блок-контейнера

The company “Modular Solutions” carries out work on the production of block containers and modular buildings of any complexity. We use various materials and will help you make a choice in favor of the optimal solution to your problems.

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