Supply of modular toilets GMC “Tsarskoye Selo”

Supply of modular toilets GMC “Tsarskoye Selo”

Established by our company in the state museum reserve Tsarskoye Selo, two modular toilets are now actively used to serve large tourist groups. Mobile toilets are connected to the central water supply and sewerage networks, which allows to continuously service a large flow of foreign tourists coming in the bus groups. The capacity is 110-150 people per hour during peak periods.

модульный туалет

These are the first modular sanitary facilities of this type installed in the Pushkin district. According to the representatives of the museum-reserve, the installation of toilet containers allowed to increase the level of cleanliness and hygiene in the parking of tourist buses, to get rid of unpleasant odors. The feedback of tourists who used the toilet is also exceptionally positive. Note that the sandwich paneled mobile toilet buildings successfully blended into the surrounding city of Pushkin, directly adjacent to the park and the Catherine Palace because the modules have a presentable appearance. The female toilet module is equipped with 4 toilet cabins, sinks, hand dryers, soap dispensers, toilet paper and paper towels, mirrors. In the male container-type toilet, in addition, 3 urinals are installed.

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