Technical unit container for oil distribution

Technical unit container for oil distribution

At the end of 2018, we received an order from an industrial enterprise for the manufacture of a technical block container for oil distribution.

A prominent feature of the block container is a niche in the wall of the block container with metal shutters. Indoors – mortgages on the ceiling for coils. The container was supplied with electricity and heating.

Upper frame: 185 x 85 x 3 mm
Lower frame: steel channel bar
Corner posts: 170 x 50 x 3 mm
Floor logs – steel channel bar
Finishing floor: steel corrugated sheet 3 mm
Walls – three-layer factory sandwich panel (metal / basalt / metal)

We have extensive experience in the design and preparation of technical containers for equipment, their use is most common for:

  • pumping
  • water treatment
  • water supply points
  • boiler rooms

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