Standalone sanitary container block for a recreation center

Standalone sanitary container block for a recreation center

In mid-2019, an autonomous sanitary block container with toilets, sinks and showers was delivered for the needs of the recreation center. This version of the sanitary block container does not require connection to water supply and sewage networks.

Block container specifications:

Wall color: RAL 7004 signal gray
Frame: channel 120 x 50 x 3
Corner posts: 90 x 90
Floor logs: steel channel
Version: exterior finish – metal profiled sheet S-8 with polymer coating
The interior finish of the floor – linoleum is wear-resistant.
Interior walls and ceilings – Moisture-resistant chipboard

Layout of this block container:

планировка автономного санитарного модуля

Our production carries out sanitary block containers of varying complexity: toilets, showers, sanitary inspection rooms, combined modules.

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