Modular building with standard block containers

Modular building with standard block containers

In the middle of 2018, our company delivered a modular building of five block containers to the Murmansk region. The customer was a large northwestern energy company. The building is made of block containers “MR Standard”.

Building area – 72 m2. For the modular building, a double-slope roof was built. Inside there is an electrician, lighting, heating, autonomous plumbing (a separate room for tanks with sewage and clean water).


Constructive characteristics:

Frame: hot-rolled channel 12P, special profile 185x80x3, corner profile 170x150x3
reinforced floor logs – steel channel 100 mm
Finishing floor: semi-commercial wear-resistant linoleum
Interior wall decoration: chipboard (oak Galliano)

планировка модульного здания

The price of a modular building is formed from the cost of individual block-containers, the prices of which you can see here.

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