Modular toilet in the recreation park

Modular toilet in the recreation park

In 2017, as part of the purchase of a public institution, a modular toilet was placed in the Recreation Park in the Murmansk region.

модульный туалет с кассой

A feature of this modular toilet is its autonomy – it functions only when electricity is supplied. Pumps divert liquids to clean and dirty tanks of 1000 liters of volume each. Also in the module there is an office for the cashier. The toilet is adapted for people with limited mobility.

Планировка модульного туалета для мгн

Features constructive:

Frame: Hot-rolled channel 12P, hot-rolled corner profile 80×6 mm.
Floor logs steel channel 100
Finishing floor: wear-resistant linoleum with waterproofing, in those. indoors – corrugated steel sheet 4 mm
Interior wall decoration: chipboard (white)


Modular toilets are made on the basis of the MS Sanitary block container, details of its specification can be found here.

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