Data Center Block Containers

Data Center Block Containers

At the end of 2020, our company supplied oversized technical block containers made of sandwich panels of the ML-Lux series for the data exchange center. The walls of the containers are made of prefabricated sandwich panels with a smooth sheet metal outside and inside. Block-modules are designed for installation in 2 floors with subsequent fixation with brackets without using a welding machine.

A split system and a protective grill are installed. A grounding strip is installed. The logo is applied. Entrance doors are metal, fireproof, insulated, with a lock and anti-panic handle. RAL 1015 beige, interior RAL 6015 green. Floor construction: CBPB and antistatic linoleum. Painting the overlap with fire retardant paint.

“Modular Solutions” execute block containers for any purpose and task. We have a lot of experience in technical containers and modular buildings for equipment placement.


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