Construction of temporary buildings

Construction of temporary buildings

Modular buildings from block containers are gaining great popularity in temporary construction. At any construction site, in a territory where capital construction is inexpedient, these structures are actively used. They are economical, versatile and easy to install. And the service life lasts more than twenty years.



The main advantage of modular buildings is the possibility of rapid dismantling. This is a specific constructor, which is easily and quickly assembled and disassembled. Very useful are block containers in hard-to-reach places. Where there is a need to quickly build a temporary establishment. They are used for the erection of shops, offices, industrial premises, dormitories, warehouses. As administrative and residential buildings.


Our company has been dealing with modular structures from block containers for many years. We offer buyers only high quality metal constructions. Our qualified specialists have implemented many successful projects.


The main advantages of the construction of block containers are:


The shortest execution time
Construction without the need to build a foundation
Erection and installation of structures in winter
Fast and high-quality redevelopment of individual elements in the overall design, as necessary
Our profile company will help to quickly install a trading platform, office space, cottage or the most difficult production facility.


Modular buildings from block containers have a metal frame, which is sheathed with corrugated board from the outside, and high-quality finishing materials from the inside. Everything depends on the individual requests of the customer. For finishing it is possible to use: glass magnesium sheets, lining, chipboard. To ensure that the structure of the structure has been in service for many years, a specially designed wireframe solution is used for its high quality. It provides high rigidity of modern equipment and finishing materials. In such block-containers there is an attractive appearance and comfortable conditions for work and living. And the dimensions of the building can be erected, depending on the purposefulness of the structure. There is a wide model and size range. A building can be started immediately after installation.