Metal buildings from block containers

Metal buildings from block containers

Metal buildings from a block of containers

Metal buildings from a block of containers are an excellent alternative for those who need to deploy a full-fledged residential complex in the shortest possible time, which will be equipped with everything necessary for the life and work of the staff.


The process of laying and building a metal building is not only one of the fastest methods of erection, but also one of the cheapest. Containers are supplied with everything necessary for use, and installation of necessary systems can be done by specialists in a matter of hours.

Installation of a building from light metal structures

Before installing modules directly from containers, it is necessary to prepare a self-contained metal frame, which will not only conditionally support and separate the metal building, but also contain elements for fastening necessary communications, such as wiring and running water. Metal structures of buildings are assembled with welded seams and bolted joints, being a frame for installing the container as if on a “podium”. The immediate advantage, the erection of such structures, is industrial and industrial metal buildings, the installation of which will take a limited time that will almost immediately begin to work or populate them.

Metal structures of buildings and structures in the modern world

Most of the leading companies in the CIS countries have at their disposal metal structures of industrial buildings that can be not only quickly transported, but deployed in a matter of hours. The construction of the metal frame of the building can be transported by a small platform, together with containers. This approach allows us to anticipate in advance the possibility of starting production, even in the most remote corner of the country.

Construction of metal buildings today

Today, in the market, you can find a lot of blocks and frame elements for them, which perform a variety of functions. The building is metal, the price of which is relatively low, can provide coziness to residents. For the full construction of a metal building from containers, you need these positions:

Based on the placement of 40 people in a two-story building:

12 containers of residential
4 containers-bathrooms
1 container warehouse
2 container food box
On the prepared site, one container is installed within an hour and a half, which allows to build a full two-story prefabricated metal buildings for 40 people in 24 hours.