The main distinguishing feature of the block of containers is mobility. They can be transported from one facility to another using specialized vehicles. The delivery of the block-container takes place onboard not tarpaulin caravans, platforms without boards, low-frame platforms. Delivery is carried out on the construction site in two ways: in assembled or collapsible form on a vehicle. Depending on the need.


In the shortest time, and, quite inexpensively, a block-container with delivery will arrive in place thanks to a crane-manipulator. It combines both a car and a loader. Has excellent maneuverability and the highest speed of movement. Allowing you to save money significantly.


On-board car is not awning very well suited for off-road driving, has excellent cross-country ability. The driver independently prepares the machinery and the block of the container for shipping-unloading.


Platforms without boards and low frame have their advantages in the delivery of block containers. They have a significant carrying capacity, good cross-country ability in the most severe conditions, it is possible to transport oversized cargo. The inner width of the car is not less than 2.46 m.


Buy a block container with shipping is possible in our company. To do this, contact our qualified manager on the site. Our working conditions become the guarantee of long-term cooperation for each client. It is possible to choose the most suitable for the delivery scheme of block containers from the place of production to the installation site.


The most popular types of block containers are the following:

Modular unit of six meters with a weight of two tons
Three-meter modular unit with a weight of one ton
The block-module is nine meters high with a weight of three tons
The block-module is twelve meters long and weighs from four tons.


Such modular blocks are widely used for the construction of temporary offices, warehouses and premises for domestic use. They are very functional in different directions. They may be equipped for living quarters, dining room. Suitable for housing from two to eight people. This is usually the best option for locating a construction team. The modules are equipped with furniture and basic necessities.


In our company you can order the delivery of the necessary individually for each block-container, depending on financial and technical capabilities.

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