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    Modular car wash

    Modular car wash
    from 200€ for m2
    Depending on the configuration
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    from 200€ for m2 Depending on the configuration Make an order Calculate the cost of your order


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    Modular car wash is made from container containers MT Techno. Buy a modular car wash with a key can be combined with a set of block containers with the availability of rooms for various purposes. Prefabricated car wash modular type allows you to quickly open your own business.

    The construction of a car wash from block containers makes it possible to choose the layout for the required number of posts, for example, the most common option: a modular car wash with 2 turnkeys.

    Modularity of the construction allows further transporting the modular car wash to a new location.

    You can also buy a modular car wash on a turn-key basis. Inside you can organize a rest room, office, toilet and shower. In the absence of communications, the module can be made autonomous.

    The price for a modular building for a car wash is determined by the number and configuration of used block containers. The cost of individual block containers can be viewed here.

    EstimatorThis calculator allows you to estimate the costs for the construction of modular buildings based on the overall pricing options

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    Note: is the approximate cost of modular buildings in the base