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    Construction town

    Construction town
    from 200€ for m2
    Depending on the configuration
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    A residential building site on a construction site is a great way to organize comfortable living conditions and providing working conditions for a team of workers and builders. Also, the construction camp will be useful in shift camps belonging to extractive companies and enterprises located in hard-to-reach places.

    Large-scale construction away from the necessary infrastructure forces project managers to think: how and where to create living conditions for their workers.To ensure the builders with the necessary living and working conditions, temporary construction towns are being designed and built-a group of modular residential and household buildings. Depending on the needs of the customer, there may be a different number of modular toilets, dining rooms and office premises in a residential town.

    On the construction site, small towns consist of modular buildings, which in turn consist of block-modules and block-containers, and the assembly and layout of each container can be absolutely any. For example, for office premises, it is recommended to use a container of sandwich panels – ML Lux, and for the construction of a residential town in the extreme north conditions – the northern block container MN North is used. The latter is well insulated and allows saving on heating of modular buildings.

    To create block-modules we use materials that have a long service life. The frame of containers is also designed for certain operating conditions and, if the customer so desires, can be strengthened.

    A construction town is a great way to accommodate workers in shift camps.

    EstimatorThis calculator allows you to estimate the costs for the construction of modular buildings based on the overall pricing options

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