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    Modular heating point

    Modular heating point
    from 250 € for m2
    Depending on the configuration
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    In order to ensure that in winter special services, for example, rescue services, can normally perform their work, a heating station is installed. These are small rooms that are designed to maintain the normal condition of employees of such services and to prevent their hypothermia. Below is some additional information on such items.

    Appearance of heating points


    Modern heating points are made on the basis of a modular block-container. This greatly simplifies their use and transportation. Moreover, such items have a strong and stable design, which also protects well from bad weather or other weather conditions. Frame is made of thick metal, reinforced with additional ribs of rigidity.

    The mobile heating station is used in cases of an emergency. For example, during the cold season in the mountain resort can be broken such items to search for missing persons, or for the restoration of normal work of such resorts. As people search can be substantially delayed and complicated weather conditions, search services and law enforcement agencies can use these places to create a headquarters or central organization of work.


    How are mobile heating points equipped?


    In order for the assembled point to be maximally effective, it is trimmed with a heat insulator from the inside. It can be a special foil-based insulation that reflects heat inside, preventing it from getting out. Moreover, in some models of mobile units, there are several heat guns that warm air is pumped into the heating points that you can quickly whip up the desired temperature.


    In order to ensure uninterrupted and autonomous electricity supply, the modular heating station is equipped with a gasoline generator. His work allows you to create the necessary voltage, which is enough for some equipment available inside. For safety, all wiring is in special protective boxes and corrugations. This increases the overall safety of the heating station.


    In some models, small metal furnaces are installed. Both wood and coal can be used as fuel. They are easy to use and allow you to quickly raise the temperature inside the room.

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