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    Modular cottage

    Modular cottage
    from 200€ for m2
    Depending on the configuration
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    Modular summer cottage is an excellent solution for comfortable country living. Such a building is built on the basis of a block-container. Inside it is possible to organize all necessary infrastructure, connect all communications at once. Electricity, shower, toilet, sewerage, ventilation, gas - all this is not a problem you can fit into a modular home.

    Modular cottage is one or more block-containers of the required size with a metal frame, the thickness of which is also chosen based on the needs or purpose of the building.
    The layout of such a building can be absolutely any: in one building you can fit a toilet, shower, kitchen, living area, storage shed. Toilet and shower for villa can also be ordered separately. In front of the house you can build a veranda.
    On the windows you can install metal shutters or shutters – it is very convenient for those who are worried about the safety of things that remain after leaving the dacha.
    The modularity of the design makes it possible to transport the country house to a new place in the future.
    The cottage is delivered in disassembled condition in container form. On the spot, it stitches together in a matter of hours. We carry out delivery all over Russia and the Baltics.
    The prices for summer cottages are formed on the basis of the cost of a block-container, chosen as a basis for a modular building and its complete set. It is possible to use any number of containers of absolutely any size.
    In order to accurately determine the cost of your villa modular house, please contact our managers. We will help you with planning and completing, and also fit into the necessary budget. Our contacts can be found here.

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